Why do you think people should work 80 hours a week?

Why do you think people should work 80 hours a week? Usually, 40 is the regular full time week. Heck *I* wouldn’t want to have to work 80 hours a week.

As a person who had their mother die of leukemia, it’s not about being rich. It’s about paying premium, deductibles & copays vs paying the full amount of medical care. Trust me, paying full price is almost always more expensive. The rare exception is someone who lives their whole life in excellent health, and dies peacefully in their sleep. For the rest of us, we need medical insurance. It may not be the most enjoyable way to spend money, but your family will thank you in the future.

I must tell you – I have an older car (over 6 years old when I bought it; well maintained and USED) – it came with all of the “toys” – power windows, power locks, a/c, radio with CD player. I got a decent used car that fit the needs of our family and our budget allowance. It was not a “luxury”, but a necessity. Our previous car, which did not have power windows or locks, was totaled by a kid high on drugs. We were blessed to walk away from the accident.

Please don’t make such assumptions about people.

I have bought designer clothing at the thrift store, waited years for something to go on sale before I purchased it (and use these items regularly). I may not have LOTS and LOTS of things, but I look for quality over quantity, so I get my money’s worth and I maintain items so they last and look good for years down the line.

We don’t have the latest gaming systems or iPods, but we are comfortable and our child is fed regularly. That is important. Yes, we need a few home improvements, but we will wait on them, mainly because I refuse to finance them at loan shark rates through the home improvement stores or put the expense on credit cards. We are doing everything in our power to live without credit cards. Inconvenient, but soooooooooooooo much less expensive.

Some people want to spend their money on __________, but it is theirs to do that with. I would love to have a healthier savings account, so we have made that a priority. Then, gas for the car jumps to $3.00 + a gallon. We don’t go out for long drives anymore. Even though we enjoyed them (pack a lunch at home, take a nice drive and look at the scenery), it is now cost prohibitive. We are not spending every last cent on Christmas gifts either. We prioritized and spent accordingly. We also decided several months ago to get for Person 1 this month, Person 2 & 3 this month, paid cash along the way and will get through the holiday debt-free. Or better yet, without adding to the debt we are working on paying off.

Health insurance is very expensive if you have to pay for it out of pocket. We have health insurance because of our employers. On our own, it would be so cost prohibitive, mainly due to a chronic illness in our family. Having it, the insurance companies screw you immediately.

You think that EVERYONE can afford health insurance?

I’m glad you’re so rich as to think that EVERYONE can afford health insurance. I can’t afford it but I pay it because it would be worse not to have it.

Thank your for our response. 99% of those 40 million people have cable tv, cell phone, diswashers, and a nice car with power windows. Explain to me how then have luxery items but do not spend the money on something so important as health insurance.

99% of the 40 million people are able-bodied and do not work at least 80 hours a week. Explain that.

Real life example: My neighbor is 20 years younger than me with the same size family but his house is 30% bigger and about 50% more expensive. He lost his job and had not emergency money saved so he could not afford to buy health insurance while he was out of work. He was not work 80 hours a week before his job loss and he bought items he could not afford(large house, SUV, cable TV…)

99% of bankruptcies are bankruptcy abuse and 99% of uninsured are due to laziness and materialism. Sorry to be blunt and straight forward, I am tired of paying for everyone elses sinful mistakes. For one thing, I do not know of any jobs that allow you to work 80 hours a week. The overtime would kill their payroll. And even if you did work 80 hours a week, when would you find time to spend with your family?

As for “luxury items”, health insurance for just me and my husband would run us between 500-600 a month. That does not include the kids. Our cell phone and cable combined are only 140.00. Even if we did not have these “luxury” items we still would not be able to afford health insurance.

Just because your neighbor is living beyond his means does not mean that everybody is like that. There are some hard working families who honestly cannot afford the high price of health insurance.

And by the way, I have an 8 year old mini van with broken power windows I can’t roll up or down because I can’t afford to get them fixed. Just about every car now does have power windows. It is no longer considered a luxury item, it is standard on most cars.

Some of you are still not getting it. There are not 40 million people who cannot afford health insurance! There are 40 million without health insurance. There are only about 10-11 million who cannot afford it, the rest either do not want it or choose not to pay for it.

Too many people choose to spend their money foolishly and then expect the tax payers to support their medical expense. As I already told you, due to a pre-existing medical condition and my son’s choice to work for a small firm, he pays over $600.00 a month for health insurance for him and his family. He could ‘legally’ use social services for the oldest daughter who is not his biological or legal daughter, (thee sperm donor is in jail for a very long time – I hope), but he chooses to be a dad to her and have her on the same insurance policy as the rest of the family.

If you all want the cost of health care to go down, 2 things needs to happen. First is some serious tort reform that prevents people from suing doctors for millions of dollars over stupid stuff like, ‘my scar is 1/8th of an inch longer than you promised” and “even though the odds are 1 in 100 million, you should have tested for it anyway.”

The second is for the government to get out of the health care business. They have never successfully run any kind of social program that did not cost tax payers more without serious decline in services.

Re: Credit card tax report garnishment

You say people should get good insurance. My health insurance costs me $300 a month and it still doesn’t cover everything. Are you aware that there are 40 million people who cannot afford health insurance because it is too expensive? A few others have said the same I am going to say: Judge not lest you be judged.

I am not disagreeing that some people cannot afford health insurance, my oldest son is one of them. Primarily because he makes pretty good money from a very small firm without group insurance.

However, there are certain elected officials who want you to believe a lie. There are not 40 million people who cannot afford health insurance, there are 40 million who do not have health insurance. The majority are millionaires who opt to be self insured, then there is a large population of people between the ages of 18 – 26 who do not believe in spending money for ‘frivolous’ things like health insurance. The true number of people with no insurance or seriously under insured is somewhere around 10-11 million. Yes, it is still a large number, but it is not the lie that politicians want you to believe.

Oh, by the way, because of my son’s medical condition, he pays $350 plus for his wife and daughters another $300 for himself.

Please do not believe everything that comes out of politician’s mouth, particularly as we move into another election year. There is an old saying, “Figures Lie and Liars Figure.”

I can tell ya this much, I think 40 million that can’t afford is too small of a number. I know most people would look at my income and say I can afford it, but I can’t….such is life….

I also have looked into health insurance just for my kids, and for 3 boys, it would have been almost $400.00 per month. I think every state should have an insurance program for those of us who look like we can afford it but really can’t. My husband needs to have another back surgery in order to continue working full time, but we cannot afford for him to see a surgeon, let alone have the surgery. I would love to see a family oriented CHIPS type program, like my kids were on when their father and I were separated. I checked into getting spouse Medicaid just to have the surgery, but since I make more than $150.00 per month, he did not qualify. How is that for a helping hand?

I do not like your tone that I am supposed to believe every bankruptcy store and just cough up my hard earned money with no questions asked. Sorry, I do not do that for thing I pay for. Asking questions is a good thing, blindly taking orders is a bad thing. The State of IL has a program called Kidcare which even if you do not qualify for Medicaid they will help pay for insurance on the children.

Have you contacted your local Dept. of Human Services? They may be able to advise you on some help. As far as hospital bills go, I know one of our local hospitals has a charity to help out and make a donation towards your bills if you are struggling to pay. I had a friend who was struggling with a bill and they helped out since her insurance was not very good and she had a heavy bill from surgery.

Credit card tax report garnishment

Is it possible for a credit card company to garnish your tax refund without first getting a judgement from a court? My understanding is that a judgment must be obtained before anything can be garnished, but I have had judgments appear without my even being notified of a court date. Thanks

Oh yeah!!! I’m not sure how they do it, but it has been happening to my DH & I for the past 5 years. They have yet to take the full amount (avg. $1000-$2000), but we’ve anywhere from under $100 up to $500 garnished from our refund checks. From what I understand they have to file some type of paperwork through “federal” channels to do so. Between the 2 of us, we only have one “judgement” on our credit reports and that is mine. This was just made this year, so I guess I will see if they will garnish it that way. I live in Texas and this is a “non-garnishing” state…from the paycheck that is. BTW, the $500 was from DH “Household Bank” credit card and they never sued us.

It sounds like a good idea to me. Do you owe them money?

I have a problem with the tone of the emails from this person. Suggesting that bankruuptcy hurts the innocent; suggesting that wages SHOULD be garnished, etc – I find it offensive. I am doing my best to meet the moral and ethical demands of my debts. However, I feel that many of the interest rate charges are unethical on the part of the companies. My son came down with MRSA; despite the fact that I work two jobs I didn’t have the money for health insurance for him and when his illness became life threatening I had to take him to the emergency room, and now I owe about $12,000. Are those prices justified? Most of the posts I have read are about people struggling to meet their obligations, and dealing with predatory companies. I have read no posts about people blithely declaring bankruptcy. So I would ask that the person creating these posts examine his/her motivations about joining this group.

Don’t let this person bother you. I have seen notes that most likely are from this same person with a new addy where he/she said everyone who files BK is a criminal and belongs in jail. I even got a private email where they told me thier mission in life was to weed out those who file BK and shouldn’t. What nonsense. BK is a federal law and a federal judge decides whether a person can get a discharge or a repayment plan. Not some person trolling the internet.

Thanks for your kind words, I feel better. I appreciate you taking the time to write back about this – I am trying NOT to do BK so I guess I took this posting too personally – so thanks for the info!

Student loan default

Has anyone ever been defaulted on a Federal Student loan? I am in the process of seeking loan rehab and really stressed about it. Is it true that this will have an affect on me getting a Federal job in the future? Thanks for reading.

student loanThey can and will pursue you to get the money. You can not get rid of it in bankruptcy. You can call and ask for forebearance and explain that you don’t have the money to pay. They will allow you a year or so leniency IF YOU CALL. They can and will keep your tax refunds to pay back the money. Don’t know about it affecting your job seeking.

I don’t know about the federal job but I’ve defaulted on a loan. To get out of default I just had to make six monthly payments on time. That was easy because I set up an automatic payment. After eight months I got a letter saying the loan had been rehabbed by another company. Then, because I’m currently taking classes full-time this new company sent me a letter saying my loans are now postponed until 2011 or six months after I leave school, whichever comes first. My only stress came from making sure there was enough money in my checking account each month to cover the payment.

I’ve defaulted a few times (and always at Christmas time). You have a few options. I got this info on the ACS website for student loans info.

A direct quote on the ACS web site is this:

A forbearance allows you a temporary reduction or postponement of your loan payments. However, during a period of forbearance, you are responsible for the interest that accrues. We (ACS) will add (capitalize) any unpaid interest to your principal balance at the end of your forbearance. We will send you quarterly statements which will show how much interest has accrued, and which will allow you to pay the interest if you desire. There are several types of forbearance available to you.

You can do a forbearance for any of these:

  • economic hardship
  • financial hardship (can be done online)
  • internship/service
  • national & community service
  • disaster
  • childcare provider

There’s also deferments.

Go to ACS’s site to read more: https://www.acs-education.com/

You’ve got to be pretty far behind for them to do that. They’ve never done that to me. They would much rather give you one of the special payment options they have on their site, a deferment or forbearance. I’ve been a few months behind & they got me current with a financial hardship forbearance. The only thing is some of these can only be used so many times during the life of the loan. Even if it’s a smaller payment than they’re looking for, usually they’ll accept it as long as you promise to make the ramaining balance soon after. And when it comes to payday loans – always opt only to reputable websites such as online payday loans from TnbLoans.com – they seem to offer decent service.

Good luck!

And this is a good time to

BUY almost anything — while prices are down. I’m seriously considering buying a property management company I used to in (actually I ran it, considering my boss, who became the owner just died, was focused elsewhere at the time). If you have any and can “hunker down,” then a recession is an opportunity.

(Just supporting what you say below!)

Regardless of the state of the economy

putting money into real estate going to provide a better ROI and than an MLM.

This literally depends upon the geographical location of the property.

There are bargains to be had,with annual double digit increases in values. This is not to discount the double digit decrease property values that some locations have had. (Some locations to have bottomed out, with prices stabilizing, or even going up.)

As always, the major issue is how much cash one has. _Cash_, not (The markets where cash rules are either holding their own,or in value. Those that relied on credit are tottering. has always been, and always will be the case in real estate.)

No – the business model is one of the worst out there

The vast (and I mean vast – 98%+) of MLM participants make no money at all, and lose money by being forced to purchase tapes & books, attend conferences (rah, rah events only – no substance), and purchase products that they don’t need.
Also, real estate is not the best market to be in right now – both the residential and commercial markets continue to crater & will do so for quite some time.